Blockchain E-mail Token

Technology and safety

Bmail creates a decentralized blockchain-based email platform. This is one of the first mail systems for a new decentralized economy and the very first one combining the P2P idea with the traditional reliable mail architecture and usability. 

The Bmail platform includes:                                     • Robust infrastructure without a central server;  

  • Scale Free Network topology;

 • Software apps for Android, iOS and Windows; 

• Standardized node for building a P2P network and connecting users; 

• End-to-end PGP encryption (including attachments); 

• Open API for external integrations (CRM, Storage etc.);

 • BMAIL Node can run on customer’s or cloud facilities;

 • Blockchain-based user verification;

 • Token BMLT economy. Benefits from ad viewing and emailMarketing; 

• White and black lists instead of automatic spam detection; 

• Customized private data protection; 

• Easy to install software package to run the node;

 • Due to decentralized storage of network structure data, information remains available even if some of the nodes are down. At the same time, when there is no central repository, and bank card or phone number data is not collected, hacking the system as a whole is economically unfeasible and makes no sense. 

We leave from traditional model of communication services where servers of a campaign of a mailbox are the central kernel in system. Bmail nodes can communicate directly, going without a central email server. 

The 2-level P2P architecture ensures better protection from DDoS and mass hacking, while leveling down the capacity requirements. The solution is distributed free of charge, but nodescan render paid services where users and nodes can benefit from receiving messages andposting/viewing ads.

                TOKEN BMLT

Blockchain E-mail Token – The token BMLT will be the only cryptocurrency used by participants, by means of it you will receive an award for advertising viewing, will be able to pay services of partners, to pay various entertaining services.The token of BMLT of the ERC20 standard on the basis of a blockchain of Ethereum will be an integrated part of Bmail network. Its main mission — to provide exchange of conditional value between participants of network.


Our mission

Bmail – It will be the protected mail service working at base of technology a blockchain. The idea is: the mail service will be the network decentralized by autonomous P2P with own cryptoeconomy which is not needed to be controled from outside. Advantages of technologies of the distributed data storage allow us to create the platform for integration of third-party applications, steady against blocking, protected from censorship and collecting personal data. It means, for example, that you will not need to worry about possible loss of correspondence because Google will decide to close Gmail, and if something happens you will be able to replace the postal address because completely you will control it with ease. But the mail service is not only mail, on this base we plan to develop the big multipurpose platform. There will be a photo and video hostings, communication and entertaining services

We cancelled ICO and we continue work on our project!

After the termination PRE-ICO we made the decision to cancel ICO sales. 

It is connected with small activity of investors, less than 1000 ETH were attracted. 

We understand as soon as you are able to send the first letter the help of our safe mailbox of BMAIL- your attitude towards us will change to the best!

Let we the young and ambitious company but for us the main thing be our reputation! 

All investors which took part in PRE-ICO - will not suffer, we will provide the choice – return of means or we will add to you into the account a constant token of BMLT which you will be able to sell on exchange  the starting price of placement will be 1 ETH = 1000 BMLT or to wait for start of the Bmail platform. 

Also in our team of change, new members of the team will be added to our main structure in the nearest future. Our main sponsor He Tengfei Kim attracted with some more investors - they undertake completely expenses on development and start of the Bmail platform. 

Before start of the Bmail platform, we release on the exchange limited quantity of our tokens – 4 000 000 BMLT (are included in this sum - investors who participated in PRE-ICO and decided to receive the main token, and also participants of the bounty company). Proceeds will go for Marketing and PR of the BMAIL platform. 

Placement at the exchanges will take place in the next few days!





In September 2018 we plan start of the BMAIL platform.

On it all additional information on our project will be placed, and is open the forum on which will discuss issues of our mailbox Bmail .

Also videos about our project and additional information on each participant of team will be posted!

Also we will start advertizing campaign in which participants of our BMAIL platform will earn rewards in BMLT tokens for advertizing viewing.

After start of the BMAIL platform the new road map will be announced.



We placed now a part of team which from the very beginning develops the project. Our team at the moment consists of 27 people from 3 countries. The team of developers and designers is proud of success of BMAIL, we go to great success forward. You are with us?

He Tengfei Kim

Cofounder and the investor at an early stage.


Robert Wright

Cofounder and CEO 

Our entrepreneurial team captain has been methodically building a skill-base across a range of industries ahead of the launch of this exciting project. His experience includes a range of jobs across the finance and banking industries prior to the creation of start-up entities in the energy and technology industries.

Dai Harada


This young gun is multi-lingual both in terms of the languages in which he’s proficient and the computer platforms on which he’s worked. Whether it’s building and testing software, managing data or creating programming solutions, our tech guru has amassed an impressive list of achievements in this space and welcomes the challenge of expanding his range on our exciting project.

George Lyons

PPC and media buying 

Marketer and PR manager with more than 7 years experience.Strong skills in traffic acquisition and multilingual campaigns.

Jinhai Yang

Blockchain Developer 

Staying abreast of the latest multiple blockchain related technologies keeps this enthusiastic young entrepreneur extremely busy as he aims to stay at the forefront of the industry through his business SecureBlocks. His expertise includes Initial Coin Offers, altcoin development, smart contract development and the application of blockchain opportunities into existing businesses and industries via quality solutions and cutting edge products.

In Cooperation With

SMART CONTRACT - 0x1BCa728C39D05529aD4257943f620734b151cAdE

Token name  -  Blockchain E-mail Token

Token ticker  -  BMLT

Token type  -  ERC20

Token issuer  -  Bmail Limited

        Total supply  -  88 000 000 BMLT (fixed, no more tokens will be issued)